How to Add Hulu to the Hisense U7H Smart TV

July 30, 2023
David Sunnyside

Hulu is an award-winning streaming service that provides users with access to an expansive library of TV shows and movies, perfect for those looking for ways to eliminate cable subscriptions while enjoying the flexibility of on-demand viewing. Hulu even provides live TV channels for those who still prefer traditional broadcasts.

The Hisense U7H TV is an impressive-looking model with a large, bright screen and outstanding image quality. Capable of upscaling lower-than-4K content without compromising color vibrancy in both SDR and Dolby Vision modes, the Hisense U7H makes an excellent starting point for streaming or cord cutting.

Hisense Smart TV users will find installing the Hulu app an effortless experience. Just make sure your Hisense TV is connected to the internet and has an HDMI port; then use either Roku Stick or Google Chromecast to stream the Hulu app onto it - once installed you'll be streaming all your favorite shows and movies through Hulu!

Hisense is a Chinese manufacturer of white goods and electronics who offer affordable TVs with plenty of features that meet any consumer's needs. Their televisions also come equipped with cutting edge technology designed for optimal performance and are sold throughout North America allowing Hisense to remain cost competitive while offering their products at an attractive price point.

Hulu is available on many Hisense smart TV models. To find out if Hulu compatibility, it is advised that you read your user guide or search the app store of your Hisense smart TV for Hulu compatibility information. Once installed, simply connect to Wi-Fi network and sign into Hulu account to start streaming movies and TV shows from Hulu!

Dependent upon your Hisense smart TV model, updating its software may be required in order to access Hulu. Some Hisense smart TVs run Android OS while others utilize Roku OS or Vidaa/VEWD OS; in order to access Hulu app with one of these TVs you need both an appropriate device (like an Android smartphone or Roku stick ) as well as high speed internet access.

As soon as the Hulu app has been downloaded onto your Hisense smart TV, press the home button on your remote control to open its default channel store. Navigating to the search menu, type Hulu into it, and it should show up in suggestions as an app you can then select to launch the service.

If you're having difficulties using the Hulu app on your Hisense smart TV, try restarting and re-installing it to reset and refresh software as this could remove corrupted temporary data that may be causing issues with it.

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