How to Allow Downloads From Unknown Sources on iPhone

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

By default, your iPhone only allows you to install apps from Apple's App Store. This is because apps downloaded from the App Store have been vetted and tested by Apple to ensure their safety, functionality and security. Third party apps that are not downloaded from the App Store, however, are usually not as well-vetted and can put your personal files or even your entire phone at risk of compromise. Apps that are not downloaded from the App Store can also be difficult to update, and may not work properly with other functions or apps on your device.

Some users want to venture outside the boundaries of the App Store and allow downloads from unknown sources on iphone. This can be done by jailbreaking the device, a process that involves installing unauthorized software. Nonetheless, the process is fairly simple and can be accomplished by following the steps outlined in this article.

To enable apps to be installed from a non-App Store source, open the Settings app and tap "General." Then, scroll down to the "Profiles & Device Management" section and find the profile for the source you want to trust. Once you have found the profile, tap "Trust" to confirm.

It is important to note that apps downloaded from unknown sources will not be updated automatically or receive any app-related support from Apple. This can put your device at a higher risk of system instability, data breaches and malware, as well as potentially corrupt or damage your phone's hardware.

David Sunnyside
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