How to Appear Confident in Most Business Situations (Remote and in the Workplace)

March 1, 2023
Natalie Thorburn

Have you ever gotten into a situation in the workplace, realized that your confidence was low, and had it negatively affect something in a big way? Oftentimes, an employee will suffer through a presentation or meeting because they are low on themselves and can’t seem to turn things around in order to do the job appropriately.

Low confidence is a big factor for many people in the workplace and it can have big implications. But how can you turn things around and turn into a more confident person in the workplace?

Dress In A Way That Makes You Feel Good (but keep it appropriate)

Whether we like it or not, your look will have a big factor in how you feel, and how others see you. By dressing nice and appearing as if you’ve put in the effort to look good, you are showing confidence in your own ability to present yourself and it can make a difference in how you appear to others in more ways than one. Josh Bluman, Co-Founder of the clothing company JJ Suspenders explains below.

“Dressing confidently can do so much for you in the workplace,” said Bluman. “If you put in the effort to dress nice, you will feel better about yourself, which will naturally make you more confident, and you’ll also make others see you in a different light. Putting in the effort is a big factor in making you appear confident, as well as how you feel about yourself, so the things you wear can have a direct impact on your levels of confidence. Keep it appropriate, but nice, and go a little bit further than what is expected of you to really make it a contributing factor.”

Don’t Forget To Make Eye Contact in Conversations

Mark Agnew deals with the eyes on a daily basis as the Founder and CEO of But did you know that eye contact can actually make a big impression on others, especially when it comes to appearing confident? It’s true.

“Eye contact is a big part of appearing confident, especially in the workplace,” said Agnew recently via email. “If you can keep a strong connection from eye to eye, you’ll appear certain of yourself and be sure of how you are presenting yourself. Oftentimes, someone who is looking down or averting their eyes every few seconds is usually low on confidence, uncertain of themselves, or feels less equal than others.

“Just stand strong, keep eye contact as long as you can, and don’t shift your eyes. You’ll appear more stoic and others won’t get nervous when they talk with you. Instead, they’ll feel confident in the things you are saying and also will feel confident that what they are saying is being heard.”

Talk About Your Life Outside of Work - With Pride

While you don’t want to take too much of your personal life into the workplace, it can actually be quite useful in making friends, creating a culture amongst team members, and even helping you appear more confidently. Bryan Mullennix, a writer, photographer, traveler, and the owner of FeelingVegas explains nicely below:

“By sharing more about yourself with others, it exudes a type of confidence. For example, if someone begins to strike up a casual conversation with me in the workplace and talks about how they like to travel as well as the places they’ve been, I can see their passion for traveling and understand them a little more. That openness to share details and peel back the curtain into your life will appear as though you are confident in who you are, and can also lead to other positive things like making a personal connection, having nice conversations, and more.”

Believe In Yourself and Be Confident In Who You Are!


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