How to Beat Heimdall in Ragnarok

January 4, 2024
David Sunnyside

The Watchman of the Aesir is a formidable foe in God of War Ragnarok, and he will take Kratos by surprise with some new attacks. However, with a bit of patience and skill, it is possible to beat this cocky god.

In the first phase of the battle, Heimdall will lob long-range Bifrost projectiles that can be dodged, as well as throw an unblockable punch that can be blocked or parried if it comes close enough. Players should use their dodge rolls and parries to bait out his attacks so that they can get in with some damaging hits. They will also want to make use of the powerful runic abilities like Artillery of the Ancients and Thrust of a Thousand Soldiers.

Eventually, Heimdall will change up his strategy and start throwing his spears at Kratos. Instead of catching them, however, the wise choice is to throw the Draupnir Lance at him and detonate it near his feet. This will fill his red stun meter and open him up for damage.

After a certain amount of damage, Heimdall will begin taking the fight more seriously. He will use a powerful red attack that can be easily dodged laterally, as well as a yellow attack with his horn and a ball of Bifrost that can be blocked or parried. The trick to this phase is to keep dodging his yellow attacks and using the spears to build up his stun meter until he can be attacked with R3. Continually detonating his spears will help ensure that he takes the most damage possible from the fight.

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