How to Block in Injustice 2

February 25, 2024
David Sunnyside

Blocking in injustice 2 is a crucial aspect of any player’s gameplay. Defending against an opponent’s attacks can mitigate damage, and allow the player to break combos or stop devastating moves like Green Arrow’s bow projectiles. Getting good at blocking in injustice 2 requires familiarizing yourself with the game’s attack patterns and learning the tells of each character. Practicing and timing your blocks consistently will help you improve your defensive game.

How to block in injustice 2.

Injustice 2 is a fighter that builds upon the mechanics of NetherRealm Studios’ previous release, Mortal Kombat. Unlike the previous game, which had a dedicated block button, in Injustice 2, players can simply hold back to activate blocking. This will prevent opponents from hitting the character with their normal attacks, as well as prevent them from performing their own super moves.

Depending on the direction the player is facing, different attacks will need to be blocked in order to defend against them. Each character has a low attack that hits below the waist, an overhead attack, and a mid launching attack.

In addition to blocking, players can also crouch to get closer to their opponent, and even dash by pressing forward or back twice. The latter can be used to close the gap on a moving opponent and to escape their throw. Additionally, all characters have a power that can be activated by pressing after blocking to do additional damage or switch weapons. Lastly, the Joker Unhinged, Batman/Arkham Knight, Darkseid/Prime and The Flash/Blackest Night all have moves that will not hit if blocked, further reducing damage taken.

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