How to Block Someone on Youtube

March 16, 2024
David Sunnyside

In the vast universe of online content, it is inevitable that you may come across intruders and haters who leave inappropriate comments on your videos. This is especially common on Youtube and other social media platforms. Thankfully, YouTube provides users the option of hiding certain users from their comment sections. Hiding a user from their comments section can provide a sense of security and privacy for creators. Likewise, it can also protect users from harassing or negative comments that can make them feel vulnerable and uncomfortable.

Blocking a user on youtube can be done by visiting their profile page from the desktop/laptop version of youtube or the mobile app. Simply click their username in the video or comments and select the three-dot icon to open their profile page. Once you are on their profile page, click the flag icon to block them. To unblock a user, visit their profile page again and select the three-dot icon and choose ‘Unblock user’.

Blocking someone on youtube prevents the user from being able to comment on your videos but doesn’t stop them from watching your videos or seeing the suggestions of your videos to them. If you want to completely cut them off from viewing your videos, you will need to use the hide comment feature on each of your videos. Fortunately, it is fairly easy to do on both the desktop and mobile versions of youtube. We hope this article has been helpful for you!

David Sunnyside
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