How to Buy Books on Audible

March 17, 2024
David Sunnyside

There are few things better than curling up on the couch with a fine glass of wine, a roaring fire in the hearth and a book lying across your lap. Unfortunately, we don’t often have the luxury of being able to spend an entire evening doing just that. That’s where audiobooks come in. They can save you time, help you learn or simply make long car rides less tedious. With Audible, you can even read and listen simultaneously, thanks to the app’s Whispersync feature, which retains your place in a book, whether you’re reading at night on your Kindle Paperwhite or listening to an audio version on your ride to work the next morning.

In addition to its regular library of downloadable books, Audible also produces original content, which are called Audible Originals. These can be as varied as a musical production of War of the Worlds to a list of random facts from 2018. Unlike Audible Plus titles, which are like Netflix shows and only available while you’re a member, Audible Originals can be purchased outright or with an Audible credit.

To purchase an Audible Original, head to the Amazon website and select the title you want. At check out, it’ll offer you the option to try Audible free for 30 days or buy with 1 Audible credit. Choose the latter option, and the audiobook will be added to your Audible account and your Kindle library. (You can also buy Audible credits on the Audible app for iPhone or Android). If you don’t have an Audible subscription, it might be worth considering. Consider how much you’re paying per month for other services, such as Netflix, Disney+, Hulu or HBO Max, and what you could be spending that money on instead.

David Sunnyside
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