How to Cancel a Lyft Ride

March 23, 2024
David Sunnyside

When you cancel a lyft ride, the driver is informed that you no longer need their services. You can cancel a ride for any reason, but you must do so within the cancellation window (this time period is typically set by Lyft and can vary by region). If you cancel a ride after the cancellation window has passed, you will be charged a cancellation fee.

Cancelling a lyft ride is easy, but you must do it before your driver accepts the ride request. You only have 30 seconds to cancel a ride once it is matched with a driver, or you will be charged a cancellation fee. Cancelling a lyft after the driver has accepted the ride request is more difficult and may require calling your driver or the company.

Lyft requires drivers to offer a specific reason for their cancellation before a fee is charged. Generally, valid reasons include not being able to find the passenger, feeling unsafe, or vehicle issues. Frequent cancellations by drivers are monitored and can negatively affect their standing with Lyft.

If your driver gives off red flags as they arrive to pick you up or says or does something during your ride that makes you feel uncomfortable, you should report them to Lyft. The company has a dedicated team to investigate these incidents and help passengers get out of their rides quickly and safely. You can also contact your local police department if you are feeling threatened or unsafe.

David Sunnyside
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