How to Cancel Fortnite Crew

November 4, 2023
David Sunnyside

When it comes to free-to-play games that generate revenue primarily via in-game purchases, few have risen to fame and infamy like Epic Games' Fortnite. It is a hugely popular title, one of the most downloaded games on the planet, and it offers players a variety of exclusive cosmetic items and gaming perks in return for a monthly recurring subscription. Thankfully, players can cancel fortnite crew at any time, and it doesn't remove any previous rewards or Battle Passes from their account.

Unfortunately, cancelling fortnite crew can be a little complicated. The steps needed depend on the platform in which players first purchased the subscription. In most cases, this is the same console in which they play the game, but PC and Samsung device users may need to go through their respective store interfaces to manage their subscriptions.

This article will go over the various steps necessary to cancel fortnite crew. While it does not revoke existing membership privileges, a cancellation will prevent recurring charges from being processed and may help players save money on a service that they no longer need or want.

To start the process of canceling fortnite crew, players should sign into their Microsoft account on the Xbox website and navigate to the subscription page. Here they should see a list of their current subscriptions including services such as Game Pass. From this page, select 'Manage' next to the Fortnite Crew entry and turn off recurring billing.

David Sunnyside
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