How to Cancel Peloton Membership

July 30, 2023
David Sunnyside

If Peloton is no longer helping you achieve your fitness goals, cancel or pause your membership immediately so you aren't charged next month. In this article we'll show how to do so using computers, tablets and phones - we also share tips for recovering money lost from subscriptions that automatically renew themselves!

Cancelling Peloton Membership

You can cancel your Peloton subscription by visiting its website and signing in using your user credentials. After login, navigate to "subscription" link and choose your option of cancellation - once clicked you will be asked to confirm it before being taken back out again for payment. Alternatively you could sign up with DoNotPay which automatically detects old subscriptions and cancels them on your behalf - doNotPay automatically discovers old subscriptions automatically before cancelling them accordingly.

Apple devices also make it simple to cancel subscriptions via the Peloton app - simply open your Settings and tap your profile icon in the top right. Next, navigate to Subscriptions which displays a list of apps you subscribed to including Peloton; simply choose Peloton from this list, choose Cancel Subscription, confirm it, and continue using Peloton until its trial period has expired.

If you want to cancel your subscription on Android devices, ensure you're signed into the correct Google Account first. Next, launch Google Play Store and go directly to your profile icon before selecting Menu > Subscriptions > Manage Subscriptions and selecting your app before cancelling its subscription - after this has been confirmed by you you'll be asked to close and uninstall the application from your device.

Cancel Peloton Subscription Through Email

You can cancel your subscription through Peloton's email address by sending an email to [email protected]; alternatively, call their customer service number and speak with an agent directly.

If you would like to cancel your Peloton subscription, be sure to do so within 14 days of when your billing cycle is set to renew in order to avoid incurring additional charges. To do this easily and cost-efficiently, we suggest sending a letter of cancelation directly to One Peloton Studio LLC located at 122 West 26th Street 2nd Floor New York NY 10001. Be sure to include full name and address details along with product and membership ID for processing your request. Keep in mind that cancelling could affect access to workout library and live classes, though you can reactivate account after two months free of any charges; unfortunately Peloton subscriptions are only able to be cancelled within the United States of America.

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