How to Catch Titan Pokemon in WoW

March 6, 2024
David Sunnyside

While the Titan Pokemons are uncatchable in their Titan form, they can be caught after beating them. To catch a Titan Pokemon, head to where you first encountered it one day after you beat it and interact with it. This will start a battle where you can then catch it after it is weakened. The ex-Titan Pokemon will have great stats and can even learn the ability to climb, depending on the Titan it is. For example, the Lurking Steel Titan Orthworm can be found in the area where you first met it on the island after you defeat Dodonzo and his Greedent. This Titan is a water-type but also knows Dragon and Fairy moves, so your team should have both Grass and Electric-types to be effective against it.

The Quaking Earth Titan Giant Tusk and Iron Treads can be found in the Asado Desert. They are both very tough, but a level 20 or higher team with an advantage in type should be able to take them down.

The Stony Cliff and Open Sky Titan can be found in the same area as they were before their encounters with the Quaking Earth and Giant Tusk/Iron Treads Titans. These are both pure Rock-types that should be fairly easy to beat with a team of around level 20 or above. After a successful fight, these Titans will retreat to their Herba Mystica caves. Defeat them again and they will reappear as an ex-Titan with improved stats. In addition, the Stony Cliff Titan will give Koraidon or Mirraidon the ability to climb, while the Open Sky Titan will grant them a dash ability.

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