How to Change Nickname on Wii U

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

The Message Board is a service built into the Wii console that allows its users to view messages from Nintendo, family members and friends as well as post memos. It also lets them create and send messages to other Wii users and enables the sharing of photos from an SD Card. It is important to have a reliable Internet connection to take full advantage of the Message Board's functions.

Three icons appear on the bottom of the Message Board's main screen. Selecting the center icon causes the Wii's personal address book to appear on-screen if the console has its internet settings set properly. The user can scroll through 20 pages of entries by selecting the on-screen arrows or cycling through the page numbers with the "+" and "-" buttons. Each entry displays a nickname and an assigned Mii caricature. If the name's text is black, it has been successfully registered on one or more other Wii consoles; if the text is grey, the entry's registration status is pending.

If the user selects an entry's white space with the "A" button, a window opens up to allow for its nickname to be entered. Selecting the "OK" button after accessing the on-screen keyboard closes out the keyboard; selecting the "Back" button continues the entry's registration process.

In addition to the ability to enter a nickname, the address book also shows separate records for knock-outs (KO stars), damage taken and pratfalls that are associated with each entry. It is possible to synchronize the address book with other Wii consoles, so that the same information is available on all devices.

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