How to Change Notification Color on Samsung S21

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

The Galaxy S20, S21+, and S21 Ultra phones from Samsung feature a camera hole-punch cutout that can display an eye-catching effect or animation when you receive a text message, call, or other notification. This is an excellent way to give your phone a unique and personalized look while ensuring you never miss important notifications.

The feature is similar to the light ring animation that appeared around the in-display front cameras on other Galaxy phones for face recognition and such, but it doesn’t serve any other notification purpose by default. It does, however, let you use an experimental Good Lock app or a third-party widget to add that functionality if you like.

In addition, the latest version of One UI introduces some new ways to interact with notifications, including a Notification History option that lets you view recently dismissed ones without having to manually search through your Quick Settings panel or individual apps. You can enable it in Settings > Notifications > Advanced settings.

The same goes for the Brief pop-up settings feature, which you can customize under the Notifications menu in the One UI app. For example, you can change the edge lighting style and select an effect or transparency for it, as well as set an automatic brightness level for the Brief pop-up. You can also assign a different color to the Brief pop-up for specific apps based on their keywords.

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