How to Change Overwatch 2 Name

February 13, 2024
David Sunnyside

Most modern online competitive games give players a fair amount of freedom when it comes to personalizing their in-game identities. This includes things like equipping unique in-game titles to help their profiles stand out from other competitors and helping matchmakers remember them better when putting together teams for competitive matches. But sometimes, gamers grow out of their current names and need to turn over a new leaf. Thankfully, Blizzard’s popular hero shooter gives players the opportunity to change their online name in Overwatch 2. In this article we’ll show you how to do just that!

It’s important to note that you cannot actually change your name from within Overwatch; it has to be done through the Blizzard account portal on their website. Once you have that completed, your new name will apply to every game on your Blizzard account (including Overwatch) and can take up to 24 hours to appear everywhere. Also, you will only get one free name change before it costs $10 to change it again.

It’s a little annoying that the only way to change your name in Overwatch is by going through the Blizzard account portal and paying money for it. It would be nice if it was integrated into the game itself like other companies have done. However, for those that have grown tired of their cringe-worthy usernames or just want a new alias, this process is relatively simple. Just make sure you pick a name that adheres to Blizzard’s guidelines and you won’t regret it later.

David Sunnyside
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