How to Change Roku TV Name

July 30, 2023
David Sunnyside

Naming your Roku TV can be an easy and fast way to personalize and identify it better, which can be especially helpful if you have multiple Roku devices in your home that may be hard to distinguish when using screen mirroring or Airplay. You can quickly change its name through either its mobile app or your web browser account.

If you just purchased a Roku TV and are wondering how to change its name, logging in and visiting My Linked Devices on Roku's website is the fastest and easiest way. Simply use the pencil-shaped Edit button next to each Roku device you own to edit its name before updating with click.

Roku devices feature unique names to distinguish them on a network and make content accessing easier. Their initial setup process automatically assigns this name; however, you can update or alter it later as needed.

As part of setting up your Roku TV, the initial steps include connecting it to your wireless network and creating an account. Next step should be entering your name and password for login; if necessary you can create one through either Roku's website or by directly contacting them directly.

Once you have a Roku account, it's easy to log into it using any computer, tablet or smartphone. From there you can access and modify linked devices; change their names or locations if necessary; as well as modify your Roku username and password if necessary.

Renaming a Roku device can be accomplished via various methods, but the best method typically relies on using a web browser on your computer. To do so, open any web browser of choice and visit Roku's website; once there, scroll down to My linked devices and select your device; click pencil-shaped edit button then enter new name then update.

Roku Smart Home mobile app and website make it possible to rename any smart home devices connected to your account more effectively than simply changing their names directly, providing more options for managing devices.

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