How to Change Slide Size in Powerpoint

October 28, 2023
David Sunnyside

Whether you are creating slides for presentations or other projects, there is a chance that at some point you may need to change the slide size in powerpoint. This can be useful for a variety of reasons including ensuring that the content on your slides matches the screen size that you will be using to present, or it can help ensure that the text is big enough for your audience to read during the presentation.

Changing the slide size in powerpoint is fairly easy and straightforward. You can either use the preset options available in the “Slides sized for” drop-down menu or you can manually enter the width and height that you want to use by clicking the Width and Height spinners and entering the sizes in inches (in), centimeters (cm) or pixels (px).

Once you select the new slide size, PowerPoint will ask how you would like it to handle any existing content on your slides. Select “Maximize” if you want the slide content to remain at the same size and potentially risk having some content cut off, or select “Ensure Fit” if you want to scale the content down to match the new slide size.

The Ensure Fit option is the most important because it will scale down your contents to match the new slide size without any content being lost or cut. This is the best option if you need to create your slides for a widescreen display or for use on an overhead projector.

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