How to Change Teams in Pokemon GO

March 6, 2024
David Sunnyside

Until recently, players of Pokemon GO were forced to choose a team when they reached Level 5. This was an important decision that could affect how well the trainer's progress would be tracked and how they interact with their team leader. Now, thanks to a new item introduced in the game, it's possible for trainers to change teams. However, there are some caveats to this option.

How to change teams in pokemon go

There are some key things that trainers should keep in mind before deciding to use the Team Medallion to change their team. First, they will have to spend a good amount of PokeCoins on it. It costs 1000 PokeCoins and can only be used once per year. This means that trainers should really think hard before using it.

Once the player has purchased the Team Medallion, they can find it in their Items menu and select a new team from there. The player will then have to confirm that they agree with their new team before continuing. From there, the player will be able to battle for their new team at Gyms and earn bonus Raid rewards.

It's worth noting that changing teams will remove any progress, items, or Pokemon tied to a previous team. The trainer's level and battle rankings will also be reset, and their Pokedex will have to be filled out again from scratch. In addition, the trainer will be reassigned a new team leader.

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