How to Change Time Font on iPhone

March 12, 2024
David Sunnyside

In iOS 16 Apple has given us a lot of new customization options for the Lock screen, from animated weather wallpapers to photo album shuffles. But one simple change may be overlooked: you can now customize your clock font and color on the lock screen.

To do so, make sure your iPhone is unlocked and long press on the Lock screen (either with Face ID or Touch ID). Then tap the clock area to open a small menu with font and color options. In the bottom of this menu you will see eight different fonts alongside their corresponding colors. Tap the one you want to use to select it.

You can also opt to choose a font size in the Display Zoom menu. Then you will be able to choose between Larger Text which will increase text sizes across your device, including on the Lock screen clock, and Enlarge App Icons which will enlarge all UI elements. You can also choose Default which will maintain the standard zoom level.

Once you have picked a font and color for your clock, simply tap the small X in the top right corner to close the customization menu. Then tap Set as Wallpaper Pair to save your changes. Your newly customized clock will appear on your Lock screen next time you wake up.

David Sunnyside
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