How to Choose Good Dash Cams

May 17, 2023
Justin Ankus

good dash cams

Good dash cams take some of the stress out of driving by providing you with a useful record of everything happening around you. Starting at under $50 for basic off-brand models and reaching several hundred for fully featured dual camera bundles with rear view cameras; no matter their price point they all provide the same basic function: recording live (rather than time-lapsed) footage while you drive in an ongoing loop.

Some of the top dash cams are also intelligent, capable of detecting accidents and automatically saving recordings. Some also come equipped with built-in GPS to track speed and location data while a select few even alert users of approaching red lights or pedestrians.

Dash cams designed to be discreet are also great; they blend in well with your car. A visible dash cam may scare off other drivers involved and make obtaining footage difficult, thus decreasing chances of accurate evidence being captured from what happened.

If you're searching for an unobtrusive dash cam that blends into the background behind your mirror, the Garmin Mini 2 may be just what you need. Boasting Full HD video with HDR capabilities and voice controls that work reliably as well as an easy smartphone app interface, its compact size means it is more likely to survive collisions than larger, bulkier models.

Viofo A119 v3 stands out as an ideal value dash cam. While not as compact or feature-packed as some more costly cameras, it provides excellent front and rear recording at a very competitive price. Recording to microSD instead of internal memory makes transferring videos to computers or other devices simple.

At $50 more you can upgrade to the Viofo A129 Plus Duo, an improved but more expensive model featuring two rear-facing cameras for added monitoring of passengers while driving rideshare services - this can help protect both drivers and riders alike, though may experience some shakiness while at rest.

Nexar Beam offers outstanding value at a very affordable price point. This device boasts high-definition video footage with unlimited cloud storage space at a very reasonable cost. Although its companion app may not be the easiest to use, if you can work around its difficulties it makes a great and cost-effective option.

Dash cams can provide peace of mind, but they should always be treated as potential targets by thieves. A poorly concealed cable from your dash cam could alert thieves to its presence; so take time to dress the cable neatly to disguise its presence. Tuck it neatly into any gaps or crevices you find within your car interior, or use a plastic butter knife to tuck into tight spaces as needed - some dash cams even come equipped with extended USB cables which enable more discreet placement of their cable snaking down from its dash cam.

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