How to Clean Tamagotchi Poop

August 20, 2023
David Sunnyside

Whether you’re a Tamagotchi veteran or just getting started, cleaning up your virtual pet’s poop is inevitable. The poo will appear on your screen, and if it’s not cleared, your Tamagotchi will get sick. The poop itself is odorless, but it emits toxic waste gases that can make your Tamagotchi ill.

The first time your Tamagotchi poops on its own, it will leave a mess on the floor. Eventually, the mess will fill up the entire screen. When it does, a skull icon will appear next to your Tamagotchi and the game will stop until you clean up the poo. If you fail to clean up the poo, your Tamagotchi will get sick and won’t be able to grow or evolve until you clear the poop.

In the original Game Boy version of the Tamagotchi, you could catch your tamagotchi before it pooped and use the Toilet command to have them use a toilet instead. This function was included in every subsequent Tamagotchi released from the Game Boy, starting with the Tamagotchi Plus. On Tamagotchi releases with color screens, a healthy poop is yellow. A black poo indicates that your tamagotchi is sick.

You can clear a Tamagotchi’s poop by pressing the third button on the top of the screen until the poo disappears from the screen. You can also sanitize your tamagotchi by blotting the poop with a clean white cloth and then rinsing it with cold water.

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