How to Compliment an Uber Driver

July 16, 2023
David Sunnyside

When an Uber driver really makes a ride memorable, it can make all the difference. And while riders already have the option to leave a five-star rating, this week the ridesharing company is introducing a new feature that will allow them to compliment their drivers on the small things that set them apart from the rest.

In a blog post, Uber says the Compliments feature is intended to let drivers know what specific aspects of their service make a ride exceptional. A selection of pre-set stickers will be available for one-tap compliments, including Cool Car, Great Music, Above and Beyond, Neat and Tidy, and Entertaining Driver. When a rider selects a sticker, a note will automatically be sent to the driver explaining what aspect of their service has made this particular trip memorable.

The feature is being rolled out to riders in the US this week, and it will only appear after a driver has been rated with five stars. Riders will be able to select a compliment from the list or write their own custom message. The compliment will then be tallied in the feedback section of a driver’s home screen.

While the feature is certainly nice to see, it’s still missing a key component that has helped make Uber rival Lyft successful: the ability to tip. Hopefully, Uber will eventually add a feature that allows riders to give cash tips to their drivers as well. That said, if the ride-hailer continues to roll out features that make its drivers feel appreciated, it might not be long before they start demanding some cash back.

David Sunnyside
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