How to Connect Wiz Lights to Alexa

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

How To Connect Wiz Lights To Alexa

If you have a set of smart lights from Wiz that support the “Works with Alexa” feature, it’s easy to add them to your Amazon account and control them using voice commands. You can turn them on and off, change their color or brightness, create a schedule or routine, and more with just your voice. To get started, just make sure your Wiz app is updated and your Echo device has the latest software version. You’ll also need to follow the instructions in this article.

The first step is to install the Amazon Alexa and Wiz apps on your iPhone or Android device. Then, open the Alexa app and select Integrations from the Settings menu. Once you’ve enabled the WiZ Smart Home skill, tap Continue. Enter your password and tap Finish to link your accounts.

After linking your accounts, you should see your Wiz lights appear in the Alexa app under the “Rooms” section. You can then name them, assign a group or scene, and customize the lighting. You can even create a custom wake word for your lights to activate the lights with just one command.

If your Wiz light isn’t connecting to the Alexa app, try restarting it or reinstalling the app. It may also be a problem with the Wi-Fi connection. Make sure you have a stable and secure network that isn’t overcrowded, and that the bulb is connected to the 2.4Ghz frequency band.

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