How to Convert Between Units of Time

January 14, 2024
David Sunnyside

The main units of time are seconds, minutes, and hours. Each of these can be divided into smaller units to measure things like the length of a school day or the duration of a movie.

It’s important to understand the relationship between these units so that you can accurately calculate the amount of time something takes or the number of minutes in a given period of time. You’ll also want to be able to convert between these units of time, particularly when working with different countries that use different units for measuring time.

To convert seconds to minutes, simply divide the number of seconds by 60. You’ll then have the number of minutes in seconds. Note that this will not always give you an exact number of minutes as some online calculators round their results. To get an accurate answer, be sure to double-check your work.

The next step is to convert the number of minutes into a full time or duration. To do this, first multiply the number of minutes by 60. Then, divide this result by 3600. This will give you the number of seconds in a minute.

A minute usually has 60 seconds, but there are a few times throughout the year where it has 61 seconds. These extra seconds are known as leap seconds and are used to keep our clocks aligned with the Earth’s rotation around the sun. To find the number of minutes in a leap second, subtract the leap second from 60 and then multiply by 60.

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