How to Cool Off in Ark: Survival Guide

August 20, 2023
David Sunnyside

Temperature is one of the core survival mechanics in ARK, affecting every aspect of gameplay. It can be viewed at any time in the Inventory Screen under 'Character Stats', or by pressing and holding H. Temperature can rise or fall to extremes on its own, forcing players to constantly adapt and change their strategies to avoid death.

Overheating can be a major threat to your health and in some cases, even lead to the dreaded 'Heat Stroke'. To combat this, the player must take shelter to prevent temperature spikes from occurring. Standing under a roof provides temperature mitigation (lowers the temperature when hot, raises it when cold), as do wood and thatch structures. Tents also provide insulation.

Another way to cool off is by swimming in a body of water. However, this can be dangerous because of the dangers lurking inside the waters. It is best to find a lake or pond that does not have any enemies nearby. Also, make sure to wear a life vest and use a protective skin cream to protect yourself from the sun's harmful rays.

Another great way to beat the summer heat is by visiting Noah's Ark Waterpark. This waterpark is the ultimate destination for family fun in Wisconsin. From thrilling water slides to splash zones, there is something for everyone at Noah's Ark! During peak sun hours, it is important to reapply sunscreen regularly and seek shade. Be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day as well.

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