How to Create a Meme That Goes Viral

December 20, 2023
David Sunnyside

A meme is an idea or expression that spreads and becomes popular through sharing across online social networks, instant messaging apps, or news sites. They can convey a particular emotion or message, or be used for entertainment value. Some people create their own memes, while others repurpose existing ones.

Most often, memes are humorous but can also be serious or political in nature. They usually feature concise text and a picture or video. Creating a meme that goes viral requires identifying and understanding your audience and tailoring the content to their humor and interest. In addition, it is important to avoid creating anything that can be deemed offensive or hateful. The internet is notorious for quickly banning and censoring offensive memes.

David Sunnyside
Co-founder of Urban Splatter • Digital Marketer • Engineer • Meditator
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