How to Cut a Straight Line With Scissors

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

Cutting a straight line with scissors is a skill that is easy to learn and will give you beautiful, precise cuts for sewing and scrapbooking. Using this technique will also make your work look neater and reduce the chance that you cut yourself.

To start, you will need a sharp pair of fabric scissors and a ruler or straight edge. A metal ruler is better than a plastic one as the scissor blade can catch on the plastic and nick it. Using a ruler, mark a light line where you would like to cut your fabric. Try to be as accurate as possible. If you are cutting a long strip, you may want to recheck your measurement a few times as the fabric can change shape with movement.

Next, put the scissors on a flat surface with the handles open. Hold the ruler against one of the scissors with your dominant hand, with the thumb in the small hole and your pinky, ring, and middle finger in the larger hole. Make sure to only grip the top of the handle. Alternatively, you can use a pencil or other marker and draw a light line on the fabric where you would like to cut.

Finally, place the other scissor on top and gently close it. Repeat the process with the other scissor, making sure that the blades are perfectly aligned. With practice, you will be able to cut a straight line with fabric scissors like a pro!

David Sunnyside
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