How to Delete a Snapchat Story

December 1, 2023
David Sunnyside

Snapchat's stories feature is a great way to share what you're up to with your friends. But if you accidentally send a Snap to the wrong person or post an embarrassing pic that was meant for just one person on your story, it could get public very quickly. Thankfully, Snapchat offers a quick way to delete your story in case you mess up.

Just head to your story screen, tap the three little dots on a Snap or your own story and then select "Delete Story." You'll be asked if you're sure, so confirm that you want to delete the story.

This article was co-written by Devon Delfino. Devon is a Brooklyn-based freelance journalist who covers personal finance, culture, politics and identity. She has written for a number of publications, including The Los Angeles Times and Teen Vogue. Devon's work has also appeared on CNBC and Business Insider.

How to Save Snapchat Snaps or Custom Stories

You can save a Snap or your own story to your Camera Roll or Memories before you delete it. It's a good idea to do this because if you delete your story and then decide to keep it, the deletion will not reverse itself.

How to Delete Snapchat Stories

You can delete all of your stories at once or individually. To view your old Snapchat stories, swipe left from the Camera tab or tap the Stories icon (the two silhouettes). You can also select any friends to see their stories by tapping on their names.

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