How to Delete a Spotify Playlist

December 6, 2023
David Sunnyside

Your music tastes change over time, and when you update your playlists, the old songs you haven't played in a while disappear from your library. Absentmindedly wiping away a playlist you spent hours or even days meticulously crafting may feel like a huge loss, but Spotify does have a hidden setting that can help restore it for you.

You can also recover a playlist by visiting Spotify's playlist recovery page from your computer (link in the last step of this article). Log in with your account details, and you'll see every deleted playlist within three months of the deletion date. Simply select the playlist you want to recover and click "Restore." The restored playlist will then appear in your Library on both desktop and mobile apps.

The playlist will not be restored if you've shared it with others, or if you're on a family plan and have the same billing details. If you need to delete a playlist that someone else has created, you'll need to ask them to remove it from their account.

You can also delete a song from Spotify by right-clicking on it or clink the 3-dot menu (this option is only available on desktop) and selecting "Remove from Your Library." This will remove the song from all of your playlists, but it won't be erased from theirs. If you're unable to find a song you want to delete, try searching the artist or track name using Spotify's search function.

David Sunnyside
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