How to Delete Cards From Apple Wallet

January 21, 2024
David Sunnyside

Apple’s mobile payment service, Apple Pay, is a great feature built into many of the company’s products, from the iPhone to the iPad to the Apple Watch to the MacBook. It’s convenient and secure, and a good way to make payments without having to dig out your wallet or credit card. However, it’s possible that you may need to remove a card from Apple Pay due to circumstances beyond your control, such as if your credit or debit card is expiring or has been closed, or if your account has been compromised.

Thankfully, removing cards and other tokens from the app is relatively easy. Here’s how to do it on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

To remove a pass from Apple Wallet, simply tap and hold the one you want to delete until the three dots appear, then select “Remove Pass.” You can also hide passes that have expired, such as boarding passes or movie tickets, by turning on the toggle in the Wallet settings to “Hide Expired Passes.”

Note: If you use Touch ID or Face ID to unlock your device, sign out of iCloud, or set up two-factor authentication, the associated credentials will be removed from Apple Wallet automatically. However, you can add them back later from your iPhone or iPad.

If you’re using a third-party mobile payment app with Apple Pay, contact the vendor for additional information on how to disable or remove it from your device. This article is produced by Guiding Tech, an independent site that covers news and reviews about technology, gadgets, and more. If you purchase a product through our links, we may earn commission at no cost to you.

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