How to Delete Footnote in Google Docs

July 16, 2023
David Sunnyside

Footnotes are a great way to provide additional information on the text it refers to in your google docs document. Depending on the type of footnote you have, they can include links to other websites, or they may simply be citations (references to published work) for quotes used in your paper. They can also be used to add a disclaimer or other types of legal information in your document.

Adding footnotes in your document is easy and fast. Just place your cursor where you want the footnote to be placed and select “Insert” from the top menu. A small numbered footnote symbol will be added to your text, and a corresponding numbered footnote line will appear at the bottom of your document. You can then type your footnote text.

If you need to move your footnote, just select the text and click on the Move Footnote tool in the toolbar. You can then select a new location for your footnote and assign a new number.

You can use this feature on any device that has the latest version of Google Docs. This includes desktop computers, mobile devices, and even the google drive app. Google Docs also allows you to edit documents even if you are not connected to the internet. This makes it a convenient option for writers who want to write outside of the office.

Google has developed a new tool for Google Docs called Explore. This tool can help you quickly find relevant information in your docs using machine learning. It is similar to the research tool in word processors, but it is much more intuitive and faster.

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