How to Dive in Fall Guys

March 7, 2024
David Sunnyside

Ever since the Epic Games-owned bouncy battle royale Fall Guys became free-to-play, players have been flocking to the game in droves. While most of the gameplay is fairly straightforward, it does take a little bit of skill to master some of the more advanced mechanics, like diving and grabbing.

Diving is a very useful tool in Fall Guys, allowing you to dodge peril, extend your jumps, and even knock down foes with a well-timed dive. It's also a vital skill for completing some of the game's more challenging rounds, such as See Saw, Egg Scramble, and Fall Ball.

To dive, press Square on PlayStation, X on Xbox, or Ctrl on PC to make your character leap into the water feet first. The earlier you start diving, the closer your character gets to the safety sausage, and the easier it will be for the boat crew to see you.

While you're diving, it's important to remember to exhale regularly and control your buoyancy with long, steady inhales and outhales. This will help you to stay calm, prevent your ears from popping, and avoid panicking in the event of a dive emergency.

You can also grab items and ledges in Fall Guys by pressing the right trigger on a console controller (X on PlayStation, Y on Xbox, or Shift on PC) or the left mouse button on PC. However, it's worth mentioning that diving without performing a jump first is often useless.

David Sunnyside
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