How to Dive in Hogwarts Legacy

January 17, 2024
David Sunnyside

Hogwarts Legacy is an open-world RPG that features a huge world with plenty to see. Players will be able to journey through the air by flying on their brooms or on foot, but there are also a few areas that require putting on the wet wizard robes and diving underwater. In the game, there are several lakes that hide a lot of treasure. In order to get those treasure items, the players will need to dive in. The players can do that by approaching the swirling points on the surface of a lake and interact with them. To do that, the players will need to press F on PC, X on PlayStation 5, or Square on Xbox 5.

Once the player has spotted one of those swirling spots in a body of water, they will have to swim toward it. Once the player is close enough, they will need to interact with it by pressing the action button (square or x on PS or f on PC) to dive in hogwarts legacy. After diving, the character will return a few moments later with all of the items that were discovered underwater.

The diving mechanic is quite limited in the game and there are only a few times when the player will be required to dive. One of those times is during the Lost Astrolabe quest given by Grace Pinch-Smedley. The other time is during the Mer-ky Depths Quest given by Nerdia Roberts.

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