How to Do the AI Trend on Instagram

December 15, 2023
David Sunnyside

If you've been on Instagram lately, you've probably seen people with artistically drawn or painted profile images. The trend is called "AI art," and it's becoming increasingly popular. It's a fun way to express your creativity and get more likes on Instagram.

The ai trend is basically when you create an image using AI, and it's become really popular on TikTok as well. Essentially, you can use an AI generator to turn your selfies or other pictures into an image that looks hand-drawn or painted. Then you can upload it to your Instagram account. There are many different AI image generators, but some of them, like Lensa, require a subscription. However, there are free alternatives like Meitu, MyHeritage, NightCafe, and PFPMaker.

Another way to join in on the ai trend is by using an AI painter that turns your favourite quotes, song titles or lyrics into colourful images. For example, one popular TikTok creator turned Harry Styles tunes into psychedelic paintings, which were pretty cool and funny at the same time.

In 2023, low-code and no-code tools will be more common in businesses, as they'll make it easier for organizations to add and customize AI systems. AI systems will be able to detect patterns, identify anomalies and solve problems more quickly, boosting business productivity in the process.

Moreover, with AI systems running on quantum computers, they'll be able to manage much larger volumes of data and find patterns more easily than traditional machines. This will enable them to help with things like automated invoicing, form filling and contact validation.

David Sunnyside
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