How to Download Games on Nabi Tablets

July 16, 2023
David Sunnyside

nabi will no longer be producing tablets, but some models (including the nabi 2S and DreamTab) are being sold by third party retailers and private sellers. We do not have direct control over the sale of this inventory, so the features available for those tablets may be different than those offered by nabi. Some tablets will receive updates to allow them to continue working after March 5, 2019. Updated nabi tablets will no longer have access to the nabi Store, Parent Mode or Chore List apps and will only be able to access Google Play with the help of a password. However, the nabi Compete app will continue to work on updated nabi tablets until April 15, 2019.

The nabi is a kids-friendly tablet with a number of kid-oriented apps and games. A kids-only version of the Maxthon web browser offers a white-list of websites that parents can add, and nabi-Konnect lets children connect with family and friends. It's also got a bunch of learning games, plus a suite of tools to help kids create their own animation videos and movies.

There's 16GB of storage, but kids will probably be more interested in downloading more content from the Play Store, which offers a huge choice of games and other apps. The nabi Cloud service lets them upload music, video and photos to the cloud, which can then be downloaded to the tablet. It's also possible to sync camera photos, downloaded apps and more with a computer using nabi Sync software.

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