How to Draw a Phone

December 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

Phones are one of the most important gadgets that help people stay connected with others. They can also be used to take pictures, browse the internet, send messages and download applications. Learn how to draw a phone with this simple and easy-to-follow tutorial. This tutorial is designed especially for beginner artists and kids who are looking to improve their drawing skills.

Start by sketching the main base shape of the phone. Use the construction lines to aid in outlining a more realistic-looking smartphone with rounded corners. On the center of the cell phone sketch, add a screen for the display. Draw a rectangle with the Rectangle Tool and then add an inner smaller rectangle that will be the button for the top and bottom of the screen.

Draw a small circle inside the larger outer rectangle to make the joystick control. Duplicate this circle and give it a Bevel and Emboss and an Outer Glow layer style. Draw another small circle in the bottom of the cell phone sketch for the microphone. Draw a diagonal line at the bottom of this circle to create the outline of the speaker.

Next, draw the touch buttons by tracing the outer circles of each button with a fine brush and dark gray paint. Fill in the space between each ring with white paint. Use a regular brush with lighter gray paint and apply an even coat across the phone’s face leaving the screen blank.

David Sunnyside
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