How to Draw a Roller Coaster in 6 Easy Steps

January 8, 2024
David Sunnyside

Summer is a great time to explore the various amusement parks that surround us. In today's art lesson kids will learn how to draw a roller coaster using 6 easy steps. It's a fun way to learn how to draw, and also help explain how these colossal machines work!

Start by drawing a large arc across the paper. Next, draw a line that cuts the arc in half. Then, draw another line 1.5 inches away from the bisecting line. This makes a pattern of boxes that are all different widths, like a checker board. Then, fill in the spaces with a color that's opposite of the one you used for the track. This will give your roller coaster some extra traction!

A roller coaster needs to have hills, and a lot of them. It also needs to have loops and other fun twists and turns. When designing your own roller coaster, think about what kind of track you would enjoy riding on. You can also add other rides to your theme park, such as a Ferris wheel.

Next, draw the track for your roller coaster. Make sure the track is tall enough to carry your marble on its journey through the hills and loops! Finally, draw the rest of your theme park. If you want to, you can add a sign with your roller coaster's name on it. To do this, save 2 of the pointy wooden skewers from earlier. Use these to make a sign that you can then stick to the base of your roller coaster.

David Sunnyside
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