How to Draw Martin Luther King Jr

January 10, 2024
David Sunnyside

Martin Luther King Jr is one of the most influential figures in modern American history. Known for his approach to non-violent protest, he worked hard to fight for the equality of all people. He is famous for his I Have a Dream speech and continues to be an inspiration today.

If you’re looking to honor this man with an art project, you can use this easy step-by-step cartoon caricature drawing tutorial. It’s simple enough for younger elementary students, but will still keep the interest of older kids too! Plus, you can easily add in any of his memorable quotes to give it an extra special touch.

To start, you’ll need some basic art supplies like: Drawing Paper Pencils (these are great for making dark lines) Black Marker Crayons (we love these big packs that come with many different colors)

This drawing tutorial will show you how to draw Martin Luther King Jr in just 6 easy steps. You’ll learn how to draw his iconic facial expressions, hair and clothes. We’ve also included some tips on coloring your drawing to help make it stand out. You can try using different colored pens or markers, or you could even experiment with adding some stylized shading. It all depends on what kind of portrayal you want to create!

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