How to Draw Robin From Young Justice

August 20, 2023
David Sunnyside

After a series of DC animated TV shows had come and gone, Young Justice made its mark. The show followed a team of teenage sidekicks delegated to a covert black ops mission by the League. In addition to the titular trio of Superboy, Dick Grayson’s Robin and Wally West’s Kid Flash, they were joined by Artemis Crock (a reworked version of the minor villain Tigress) and Aqualad (the character had been created in 1998 by renaming Garth to Kaldur’ahm and revealed as the son of the oceanic crimelord Black Manta).

The show aired for three seasons before being canceled. It received critical acclaim for its ability to tackle mature storylines and had a strong fan base. Even though the show was cancelled, fans continued to push for a revival. It wasn’t until 2017 that Young Justice was renewed for a fifth season.

In season one, the teen heroes encounter a young heroine named Secret and free her from captivity by the Department of Extranormal Operations. They also go on an expedition to space at the request of Doiby Dickles, a former member of Old Justice and Golden Age Green Lantern Alan Scott, in order to free his previous homeworld Myrg from hostile invaders. During this adventure, they meet Li’l Lobo and grudgingly accept his assistance in return for his promise of violence.

The second season of Young Justice saw most of the original cast sidelined and new members added to the roster. For example, Cyborg’s brother Static Shock joined the group as a reluctant ally, and Cissie, an archery champion, was added to the team.

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