How to Eat a Girl Out

April 3, 2024
David Sunnyside

You’ll want to start by making her squirm around and moan like crazy. That’ll get her more aroused and ready for you to take her to the next level. A good way to do that is to lick her inner thighs and gently kiss her. Once you’ve done that, put one of your hands on her nipples and give her gentle pressure.

Next, you’ll want to start licking her tongue. You can make her moan even more by licking in a sexy rhythm and slowly increasing the pace and intensity of your licks. When she’s really licking it up, you can go back to the previous method of stimulating her button — but this time with more pressure. Once she’s nearing climax, you can also start stroking her nipples and gently sucking her clit.

Another thing you can do is lick her anus and then start fingering her. Just be sure that you’re lubricating your fingers with spit or a little lube before you start going down on her. Anal play isn’t as taboo anymore, and many girls are quite turned on by it.

Finally, if you’re a guy that’s really into eating her out and you don’t care about the fact that it may end up dirty, try getting some feedback from her. Ask her what she likes and doesn’t like about it, and how you can improve your technique. It’ll make her feel that you’re a partner and not just a cock.

David Sunnyside
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