How to Enable or Disable Google Prompt

July 16, 2023
David Sunnyside

Google has started a new service to help you verify sign-ins on your account. It will send you an Android prompt (or iOS notification) that asks if it really is you trying to sign in and not someone else. Google will also show the device, location and time of the sign-in attempt to help you identify suspicious activity. This is a great way to add an extra layer of security on your account, especially since passwords are so easy to get leaked or stolen.

To enable Google Prompt, go to your 2-Step Verification settings and select?Google Prompt as alternative second step?. Once you have it enabled, any time you need to verify your identity, the app will notify you of a sign-in request and provide a code for you to enter on your phone or tablet (you can use your fingerprint or a password to unlock your device, as well).

If you want to disable this feature, just click?TURN OFF.? You will need to have a phone connected and both Wi-Fi and cellular data turned on to receive the notifications.

There is some potential security risk associated with this feature, notably that someone could hack your phone and steal your verification codes. To mitigate this risk, Google recommends only using this on devices that are secure with a lock screen or a fingerprint scanner, and not on shared devices like tablets or Remix Minis. In addition, it suggests that you don?t use this on a phone that is already linked to another account or is enrolled in two-step verification.

David Sunnyside
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