How to Ensure a High-Quality Streaming for Your Viewers

August 22, 2023
Natalie Thorburn

Suppose you are a content provider who wants to increase their platform performance and customer engagement rate. Retaining viewers on your video streaming platform requires particular measures to be taken. Alongside enhancing content and communicating with viewers, you can take care of the quality of experience (QoE) by utilizing advanced technologies.

For example, IPTV streaming software (encoder/transcoder), correct codecs, ABR, and other elements can help you ensure smooth video delivery and playback.

Technology is one of the most essential things for the success of a video streaming platform, as it defines the way you operate and manage your business. Let’s talk about that in detail.

How to Ensure a High-Quality Streaming for Your Viewers

Here’s a list of components that can boost the quality of video content delivery and streaming:

#1 Encoder and transcoder

Encoder and transcoder are necessary for smooth video delivery and playback on a receiving device. First, the video goes through the encoding process to make the video suitable for transmission via the Internet. The encoder segments a video into chunks, speeding up the delivery.

Then, a video undergoes the transcoding process. It helps create multiple copies of the same video in various sizes and bitrates. As a result, not even can videos be played on different gadgets due to a transcoder, but also the quality is adapted to network requirements right during the playback. This reduces buffering, enhancing the user experience.

Consequently, you ensure adaptive bitrate streaming (ABR), an advanced technology for adjusting video quality to the viewer’s internet connection.

#2 Content Delivery Network (CDN)

The content delivery network ensures fast transmission of content anywhere. It is a network of dedicated servers distributed geographically around the globe, which helps a content provider reach viewers at any place. So, for example albanian TV app TVALB can reach its audience in USA and Canada.

Generally, CDN improves the content delivery and performance of the service and protects it from DDoS attacks. It is also helpful during increased traffic times as it distributes the load across several servers, ensuring the best experience possible for all viewers.

Since it stores cached videos on servers located closer to a user than an origin server, transmission happens faster. It means that latency is lowered.

#3 Multi-platform functionality

To ensure a better quality of experience, the streaming service should provide access to content on multiple devices, including mobile phones, tablets, desktop computers, and TVs.

When you provide access on all devices, you serve different viewer segments. Since your users will have various preferences, they will prefer different devices. Some want to watch videos on the go, while others want a calm atmosphere in front of a Smart TV that streams a video in 4K.

#4 Live streaming and VOD content

Live streams and VOD content offer diverse opportunities to a business. For example, live streams allow you to communicate with viewers in real time. You understand your audience better through these conversations.

VOD (video-on-demand) content is available for watch at any time a user wants. These videos are stored on servers waiting for a viewer’s request to play. They don’t have a schedule and, consequently, can be accessed 24/7.

Check if the solution supports them both so that you will be able to utilize them whenever you need them.

Final Thoughts

High-quality encoder and transcoder, multi-platform support, CDN, and support of live and VOD are necessary elements for ensuring a better quality of experience for users on streaming platforms. It is better to care for video delivery since viewers want uninterrupted playback on their devices. They tend to switch to other services if not satisfied with the experience. To retain customers, the elements described above can help.


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