How to Evaluate Link-Building Strategies for Affiliate Websites?

February 4, 2023
Natalie Thorburn

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Backlinks for SEO are like marketing for a firm to create leads and sales. Your product's excellence should speak for itself, but marketing should boost income so you can grow. Your content and inbound links should follow suit. Original, high-quality, actionable content will attract backlinks organically.

A solid backlink strategy may boost your affiliate marketing site's traffic and credibility. Google still considers a website's backlinks when ranking it. Because of this, building backlinks is essential for search engine optimization.

This article presents and evaluates affiliate organic link-building strategies. Enhance your site's keyword ranking to increase visitors and affiliate profits.

What Is a Backlink?

Connecting one page to another, backlinks are also known as external or inbound links. In contrast to connections between pages on your site, these links are external to your site.

Google acknowledges that backlinks and content are vital for SEO and website ranking. Thus, it's clear that they play a significant role in SEO and page rank.

That’s why today’s affiliate marketers know the significance of taking advantage of link-building services. These firms have experts working for them who know how to maximize the business’s earnings from search engine optimization.

Link-building companies know what affiliate marketers want in terms of backlinks and how to offer them that. To increase your site's traffic, you need to increase its authority, exposure, and ranking, all of which are improved by backlinks.

Your site's rating may be improved by acquiring and maintaining high-quality backlinks. Good backlinks boost your site's authority in the eyes of search engines like Google. Good backlinking services boost your site's search engine ranking. It is vital for affiliate marketing programs that rely on visitors.

Domain authority (DA) determines a website's or landing page's trustworthiness. An indication of content quality is based on factors such as inbound links to the page's parent site. SEO professionals use this figure to anticipate rankings, but Google doesn't.

Important advice: DA should never be used alone. Depending on your final aim, combining it with other metrics or statistics is best to get a fuller picture of how well your SEO efforts are faring. In addition, since DA is logarithmic, increasing your site's position in the results gets more difficult as your DA score increases.

What Is the Purpose of an Affiliate Website?

Affiliate marketing relies on directing customers to recommended websites. Ultimately, the links in these endorsements will bring customers to your online store.

Affiliate websites allow you to advertise and market your items. Affiliate marketing saw a significant spike in interest in 2021 compared to the previous year. Fifty percent of online merchants' marketing teams now include affiliate promotion. Affiliate promotion is a cheap method of promoting a business's offerings.

Affiliate Marketing Link-Building Strategies

Organic link-building search results rely heavily on inbound links and relevant, high-quality content. You will need numerous backlinks to thrive in a highly competitive market with difficult keywords. If you want to be among the top results on page one, that is.

Begin with Guest Blogging.

One effective method of gaining inbound links is guest blogging. Before submitting your blog as a guest post to any website or site, do your research. Check the blog's DA, visitor traffic, and compatibility with your website's theme and approach. If you want people to like your blog, be authentic and provide a new perspective.

Guest bloggers may generate a lot of focused traffic, which is great for affiliate marketers. As a result, one's DA and overall ranking will increase.

Guest-Blogging 101

When trying to have your guest post published, you will often encounter these steps:

  • Read the guest posting criteria of websites that interest you.
  • Make a subject or theme that applies to the websites you have selected.
  • Remember to submit your guest post proposal to those sites!
  • Before you wait for their permission, you may get started on your guest post.
  • Remember to provide a link to a relevant post on your site.
  • Enhance your article's readability by using graphic content.
  • Submit a draft if your proposal is approved, or submit your proposal to other websites.
  • Respond to requests for changes and submit the final piece to the editor.

It is only a sample of the procedures associated with guest blogging. It is up to you to pair each item with the most appropriate online resource. The guest post might have already been written before you pitched it. In fact, specific sites insist you submit a rough copy right away.

If you're working with high-profile websites, expect the process to take at least a few months. Most, if not all, websites will pass on your proposal. That is why it is critical to have options available from the start and to provide a variety of websites.

Roundup Insights

Commenting on roundups and guest blogging are beautiful ways to earn backlinks. Contributing to and publishing a roundup article may enhance site traffic.

Roundups are better than blogs because they identify relevant associations without linking. The problem is that you must guarantee that your comments and link will be posted.

People are more likely to connect to authoritative sites if yours has a high DR and plenty of visitors. Having blog authority and topic expertise helps get your comments published.

Help a Reporter Out (HARO) is the most effective internet platform for gathering insights. Each comment is tailored to a specific request; therefore, rejected proposals are typically wasted.

Try it out for yourself and see whether it's worth it. Try to answer at least ten questions that matter and see how well you do. Read the guidelines carefully and write a well-thought-out, brief essay.

If none of them make it into print, the question is answered, and you may go on to alternative link-building methods. A backlinking service will be able to help you out. Keep in mind that occasionally you may get good answers weeks or months after first sending the message. But the experts will make the process faster.

Collaboration on Content

Collaborations with other bloggers boost your backlink profile. They are an excellent addition to organic links and guest articles. Guest posts are also a kind of content collaboration. However, the basis of their relationship—one of mutual benefit—is what sets them apart.

The old adage "you scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours" is the foundation of content and link exchanges. They are dependent upon one another's honesty and reliability. If you promote someone else's writing by linking to their piece, they should do the same for you.

Create a list of potential content partners and contact them. You may join blogger groups on social media or start your own.

Joining a group allows you to avoid constantly contacting the same individuals. Simply post your community collaboration offer and pick the best partners. Partnerships involving content must prioritize relevance. Being fussy is perfectly acceptable. There are plenty of partners to work with.

Transform and Reuse Content

Repurposing content for video-sharing, infographic directories, and other sites may boost inbound links. Repurpose research from a long blog post into a video, an infographic, or a series of shorter posts.

After that, you may upload the updated material to databases and sharing platforms. You may utilize your long-form material as guest pieces if you break it up into shorter blog entries.

Sharing your content may boost your readership, but it may result in something other than backlinks from reputable websites. If more people read our content, we have a greater chance of getting a backlink and making a sale via our affiliate program.

Creation of Community-Based Links

Affiliate marketing quality link-building strategies focus on authoritative do-follow links.

  • Pay attention to no-follow links that are simple to earn and assist in developing a natural backlink profile.
  • Reddit and Quora may boost your content's exposure and backlink profile. Providing a full answer and linking to your website as a supplemental resource is a terrific method to acquire a backlink.
  • Natural backlink profiles often include a mix of no-follow and do-follow connections. You can also provide value by commenting on related blog posts and linking to a relevant page on your site.
  • Spammy online marketers misuse this tactic, yet it's a viable way to boost link profiles and exposure.

Broken Links Can Be Repaired

Finding external websites that lead to non-accessible pages (broken links) may take time and effort. Broken links may be replaced with your content to get backlinks.

You need well-written, relevant material to get links this way. This is an excellent way to gain quality backlinks since it helps both you and the site that had the broken link in the first place.

Maintain an Eye on Supplier Links

If you engage with firms who distribute or sell their goods, recommend they connect to your website in their directories. Make an inventory of all the things you sell and verify each supplier.

See whether there is a link to your website or if you are listed as a stockist on the site. Get in touch with the service provider and ask them to add a link to your site if one isn't already there. You may decide to outsource link-building services, and then they will do these tasks and make things simpler for you.


Every content-focused affiliate marketer needs backlinks to boost website authority and SERPs. Affiliate commissions are highly dependent on search engine rankings. It's essential that people can find your product reviews easily.

Instead of depending on just one link-building strategy, employ many. Guest essays require more time and work than content collaborations or roundups, but the return is generally worth it.

Inbound links vary in quality. Never overdo it with the link exchanges; ensure the site you are linking to is proper and related to the content you've shared.


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