How to Evolve Zorua in Pokemon Legends of Arceus

November 10, 2023
David Sunnyside

Pokemon have traditionally evolved on their own once certain conditions were met (such as reaching a high level or being traded with another player). Pokemon Legends of Arceus changed this, allowing players to tell a Pokemon that it should evolve. This includes Zorua, a tricky fox from Unova. This gen 5 Dark-type can be found in the wild, and it can evolve into Zoroark, a glass cannon with mediocre HP and defense stats but impressive attack and speed.

To evolve a zorua, it must be leveled up to 30. However, it doesn’t require any special candies or evolution tasks like in past Pokemon games. Instead, a zorua can be told to evolve by going into its in-game menu and choosing the option. Once that is done, the sly fox will begin evolving into its Zoroark form.

Evolving a zorua into a shiny version of itself is quite easy as well. Just like a shiny Ditto, the Tricky Fox will show up in its normal form and then immediately transform into a perfect copy of your Buddy Pokemon. This works even if that Buddy Pokemon isn’t a Zorua itself.

Zorua and its evolution should be a welcome addition to any player’s team in the coming weeks. As of Friday, the cute critter can be found in Tagtree Thicket and West Province, and its unique ability to disguise itself will make it easy for players to find. Its diverse move-set makes it a solid addition to any battle party.

David Sunnyside
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