How to Fart on Demand

December 28, 2023
David Sunnyside

Everyone passes gas from time to time – it's a completely normal bodily function that allows for the smooth flow of your digestive system. But for some, farting can become a little problematic, especially when it happens in front of other people. To make the process a little less embarrassing, Men’s Health consulted an expert who shared some useful tips on how to fart on demand.

To begin, the experts recommends that you don't do it while your stomach is growling, because this will only cause the gas to be released more violently and loudly. Instead, you should start by sitting up straight and filling your mouth with air (but don't inhale it into your lungs). After a few seconds of this, swallow the air so that it goes to the large intestine, where it will be trapped and eventually farted out, says the expert.

Another way to fart on demand is by bending over with your legs apart. This is a position known as the "fart pose" in yoga, and it works because it releases tension from the lower abdomen, allowing for the release of gas. You can do it while wearing regular clothes, though you'll likely need to remove any tight jeans or pants first if you want the trick to work.

If you're ever feeling like you need to fart but don't have any of the above handy, you can also pretend that you smell bad. This trick can be particularly effective if you're around other people, but it requires practice to master.

David Sunnyside
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