How to Feature Channels on YouTube

October 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

Featured channels are videos that the YouTube platform deems worth watching, which means that they have some value for viewers. These channels are shown on a featured channel list that appears on your YouTube homepage, or in a section at the top of your video page. There are many benefits of having a featured channel, including increased viewership, and the ability to endorse a product or business.

YouTube's site algorithms are constantly working to select and feature channels that will attract more views from more people. They consider your overall subscriber base, the demographics of your subscribers, and the average watch time of your videos to make this decision.

If you are hoping to be a featured channel, it is important that your channel is well maintained, has a wide subscriber base, and provides good content. You should also work the relevant keywords into your videos' titles and descriptions to help them rank better in search.

To add a channel to the featured channels list, go to your YouTube homepage and click the "Your Channel" link. Then click the "Customize Channel" button and scroll down to the Featured Channels section. Enter the Channel Username or URL and click the Add channel button. You can also change the order of the channels in this section by using the up and down arrows, or you can click the trash icon to remove a channel from the list. However, you cannot access the Featured Channels section on mobile devices.

David Sunnyside
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