How to Find a Coffee Bean of the Month Club

May 16, 2023
Justin Ankus

coffee bean of the month club

Coffee Bean of the Month Clubs offer an easy way to explore new beans without making an initial commitment to buying an entire bag at once. Subscription services send small amounts of freshly-roasted coffee that is usually vacuum-sealed to preserve flavor, as well as information about roasters and origins so you can learn more about your coffee. Some services allow users to select their blends while others ask users to complete a quiz or push an algorithm until it finds one best suited to you.

Most services provide one-time, monthly, three-month, six-month and 12-month subscription options so you can find the ideal coffee subscription plan to fit your lifestyle. Some will send whole beans while others provide pre-ground versions so you can brew it as you see fit. You might have the choice between selecting your own grind size, taste preferences and frequency; or else they'll simply select their bestsellers to ship regularly to you.

Brothers Coffee offers a coffee bean of the month club that gives back to its community: their selection process selects a roaster each month that addresses an industry challenge, donating part of your subscription towards that cause. This is an ideal way of supporting coffee companies that strive to make life better as well as discovering unique beans that would otherwise be difficult to locate in stores.

Bean Box offers another excellent solution for those looking to sample various flavors and styles of coffee: their customized shipment based on your personal tastes allows you to find favorites you can reorder regularly, while you can purchase one-time bags of bestsellers at a discount.

Driftaway Coffee stands out as an innovative coffee company by providing the only customized subscription based on blind taste testing. Their tasting kit contains five unlabeled bags from all around the world that you can either taste independently or take part in with an expert via Zoom call; their experts then adjust your subscription based on what they discover about your taste preferences.

Pact Coffee offers an innovative take on the coffee of the month club by providing you with multiple varieties and roast levels, and allowing you to select your desired roast. They will then mix and match flavors to meet your preferences and send it your way each month in an opaque resealable bag, along with helpful guides and advice for getting the most from each flavor profile. They have several subscription options including single origin, blends and decaf so that you can find just the right coffee for you each morning cup!

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