How to Find Good Twitter Pornography

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

Twitter is a social media platform that has become famous for being a major source of explicit pornography. From porn star selfies to promotional GIFs from porn studios, there is plenty of NSFW material available on Twitter if you know where to look.

While the site isn't a traditional porn streaming service, it does allow users to post pornographic content on their profile and in their tweets. This content may be in the form of still images, looping animated GIFs, or short videos of sex acts. Some profiles and tweets also include graphic written descriptions of sex acts. Twitter's content policy prohibits users from posting images of minors, but they are allowed to share a small number of consensually produced adult materials as long as the material is marked as sensitive and the user is logged into their personal account.

Twitter has an official porn channel that features amateur porn models and pornstars and links to their official porn accounts on sites like OnlyFans, Chaturbate etc. Using the KeepStreams app, it's easy to find this kind of content on Twitter and download it directly to your computer for viewing offline.

It's important to remember that Twitter is a public platform and children could accidentally encounter this content through their personal accounts. To prevent this from happening, parents can change their privacy settings so that their children cannot see this content on their Twitter feeds. To do this, they can visit their settings and go to the section that says "Content you see". From here, they can uncheck the box that says display media that may contain sensitive content.

David Sunnyside
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