How to Find Someone on Pornhub

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

Pornhub has been accused of being a breeding ground for sex trafficking, child sexual abuse and revenge porn. These allegations were made public by a New York Times investigation, which found that the company’s under-prioritized content moderation division was slow to take illegal images down and often ineffective at keeping them from being re-uploaded on Pornhub or elsewhere online. This combination of factors turned the site into a refuge for rape tapes, revenge porn and spycam videos, as well as a source from which they were spread across the internet.

After the investigation, Instagram removed Pornhub’s verified account and Visa cut off its payment processing services. However, Pornhub can still be found on other platforms such as YouTube and TikTok. In fact, the company recently even launched a live pornographic channel on TikTok.

Despite this, Pornhub is safe to visit if you take certain precautions. The site employs a large staff of tech people who work to keep the site safe, and it takes security seriously. But if you visit Pornhub or any other adult websites, be aware that they can still be dangerous and potentially expose you to malware or cybercriminals.

If you want to find someone on pornhub, the best approach is to start by finding out their stage name. Then, search for them based on that information. You can also try using an app called “Am I In Porn?” which allows users over the age of 18 to upload a photo of themselves and match it to millions of pornographic videos. If there is a match, the app will notify you of it. However, many of these apps ask you to install software or click on banner ads, which can lead to phishing or malware infections.

David Sunnyside
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