How to Find Your Boards on Shein

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

How to find your boards on shein

When you create a Shein Wish List, all of your favorite items are saved in one convenient place. You can easily access and view your lists at any time, and you can even share your wish lists with others by simply clicking on the icon of the list that you want to share. You can also create new sublists or boards that you can name as you wish, allowing you to organize your favorite items into categories and have them available for easy access at any time.

Shein is a Chinese fast fashion retailer with massive popularity among young shoppers worldwide. It was valued at $100 billion in April 2022 but has since seen sales take a hit and is now reportedly on track to have an initial public offering this year.

It pushes out trends much faster than other retailers and has no physical stores. Shein also employs thousands of workers at its factories and despite auditing only a small percentage of their supply chain is still not doing enough to make sure these employees are receiving living wages, the right to unionize, and a safe working environment.

Despite these criticisms Shein is wildly popular with teenagers and twenty somethings. They have a wide variety of pieces and the brand is always running discounts and coupons to get people to buy more. In addition, Shein has a number of influencers that work with the brand who promote Shein on their Instagram accounts and TikTok channels.

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