How to Fix GeoTrax Trains

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

Whether you spell it Geo Trax, Geo Tracks or Geo Trac, Fisher Price's series of train and road sets (and some playsets) are fun for kids 2 1/2 and older. GeoTrax trains and vehicles are either push along or remote control operated. Some have lights, sound effects and other features. Kids enjoy adding additional tracks and sets to their layouts. Some sets are modeled after well-known trains. There are also a number of sets that have been designed for kids who love cars, planes and other vehicles.

How to Fix a GeoTrax Train

If your child's GeoTrax train engine or other vehicle seems to have given up the ghost, it can be frustrating for both your kid and you. Fortunately, it is usually easy to get a GeoTrax set that won't move back in action. First, make sure the batteries are fresh, especially in the locomotive and the remote controller. If they have been in place for a while, it may be time to replace them. Also check the battery compartments for corrosion. If there is any, clean the compartments with a little vinegar and then replace the batteries.

Later on, Fisher Price created a number of different types of sets including construction and rescue vehicle sets, air and sea sets and even a few sets based on movies or other characters. Some sets are even designed to be built two, three or more levels above the ground. If you have trouble finding a specific set, try looking for it on eBay or Amazon. However, note that Amazon has recently become more restrictive about 3rd party sellers who offer GeoTrax sets at reasonable prices.

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